Friday, November 16, 2012

International Education

To recognize the benefits of international education, U.S. Embassies around the world plan and hold programs every November to celebrate the International Education Week.

This year, the Embassy in Abuja participated in the first-ever virtual college fair which turned out to be the largest ever online international college fair.  This is in addition to outreach programs to some institutions within the city.

The American Corner Abuja also organized a program where young Nigerians who studied in the U.S. and have come back home shared their experiences with students from various secondary schools in Abuja.  They included Olamidum Majekodunmi, Alexander Charles Oputa Jr, Seyi Ibidapo and Adaeze Nnamani.  Two of them are young entrepreneurs, running their own businesses while the other two work with Nigerian government institutions.
These talented Nigerians explained that they came back to make an impact in Nigeria, just like Americans have contributed to made their country great.  They shared their U.S. unique study experience with the high school students, thus:

  • First a U.S. education requires that you develop analytical thinking skills.  This is because in the U.S. the teachers expect you to think and question instead of just accept what they tell you.
  • The schools are efficient and provide you every information and assistance to settle in and excel.  Students have unfettered access to their teachers.  They have flexibility to chose their major and change if they want to.
  • In addition it gives you an equal opportunity to excel no matter where you are from.  Also provides networking opportunities you wouldn’t get anywhere else.

On dealing with culture shock Seyi Ibidapo said "adapting to the culture in the U.S. takes three steps.  They include first the shock, then the acceptance and finally the merge."

Essentially exposure to international education makes you bold and able to interact with different people.


  1. This is great; young Nigerians sharing knowledge from their experiences abroad and paving the way for the future generation. Thank you to all the panelists!

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