Friday, August 10, 2012

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton visits Nigeria

SecClinton wavesSecState Clinton waves to staff of the Embassy during Meet and Greet-Embassy photo by Idika OnyukwuMinisters of the Federal Republic of Nigeria pose with SecClintonPresident Goodluck making remarksPresident Goodluck Jonathan with SecState Hillary Clinton at the Presidential Villa, Abuja Aug 9_Embassy photo by Idika OnyukwuSecClinton with President Jonathan
Secretary Clinton with President Jonathan & Amb AshiruSecClinton at the State HousePresident Goodluck welcomes Secretary Hillary ClintonPresident Goodluck welcomes Secretary ClintonSecClinton visits Nigeria

Secretary Clinton (Aug. 9): "We’re ... very supportive of the anticorruption reform efforts, more transparency, and the work that you and your team is also championing, because we really believe that the future for Nigeria is limitless."

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  1. MRS Hilary, is a brave and courageous leader,you always make America proud,i love America leadership courage,thank you for visiting Nigeria.