Friday, April 26, 2013

Do Your Part!

This week, we celebrate creativity and innovation by marking both World Book and Copyright Day (April 23) and World Intellectual Property Day (April 26).  This year’s theme for World Intellectual Property Day is Creativity: The Next Generation.  And for the next World Book and Copyright Day, in 2014, UNESCO has named Port Harcourt the “World Book Capital of the Year.”  This honor provides Nigerians with the opportunity to celebrate its writers, encourage reading among youth, and promote the UNESCO principles of freedom of expression, freedom to publish, and freedom to distribute information.

Fulbright Scholar Explores Justice, Youth, Outdoors Across Nigeria

Fulbright scholar Erica Licht is not content to experience the world through the perceptions and stereotypes of others.  Whether through teaching yoga to at-risk youth, traveling by bus to Enugu to lead an anti-violence workshop, or strolling through Lagos Island to observe community policing efforts, Licht’s work in Nigeria aims to engage minds and challenge common perceptions on youth, justice, community and the outdoors.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What is Jazz?

Simply answered, jazz means different things to different people. To Thelonius Monk, jazz is a spontaneous musical conversation among the musicians performing it.  To the father of modern jazz, Charlie Parker, it is a blend of all different styles of music resulting in an intellectual endeavor and not just a form of popular entertainment.

For me, jazz is a complex language, one that communicates passion and coolness, emotion and common sense, intellect and simplicity and one you need to study to understand.  To me jazz is a musical language waiting to be recorded.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

You can do it

Becoming an entrepreneur is a very difficult task, especially in a developing country like Nigeria, where businesses have to deal with huge challenges - lack of basic infrastructure, hindered access to capital and other issues - which other parts of the world take for granted.   It is even more challenging for women who have to deal with these impediments in addition to managing their homes in a very conservative environment.  To encourage upcoming young women entrepreneurs the Public Affairs Section of the Embassy put together an interactive session.